Dog Days of Summer — Tips for Your Dogs This Summer

Dog Days of Summer — Tips for Your Dogs This Summer

Dog Days of Summer — Tips for Your Dogs This Summer

Now that we’re officially in the dog days of summer — it’s time to learn essential tips on keeping your dog(s) healthy and happy as the temperature rises.

From CBD treats to a full water bowl at all times, your dog is about to experience its best summer ever.

Why You Need to be Extra Cautious for Your Dog During the Summer

Summer brings sunshine, vacation, and long days filled with a million activities.

However, it also brings intense heat to your four-legged friend. Dogs, like humans, have a breaking point when it comes to uncomfortable conditions.

Dogs are susceptible to many issues, from heat strokes to sunburns and much more during long summer days. Aside from the direct sun's heat, dogs experience intense separation anxiety when you’re out on a day trip to a national park or once you head back to the office.

Ultimately, the dog days of summer are hard on your best friend. Below, you’ll find the best tips on keeping your dog’s tail wagging from dusk til’ dawn.

Provide Water and Shade

Even if your dog is indoors with air conditioning — the water bowl should always be full.

If your dog is left alone, it may accidentally knock over the water in a fit of anxiety, making it crucial to leave an additional bowl of water nearby. Ultimately, you want to double (or triple) check that your dog has clear access to water throughout the day.

If your dog resides outdoors — you must go the extra mile to ensure your canine has ample access to water and shade.

Even during non-heat wave days, your dog can experience sunburn or dehydration when left without shade. However, if it’s too hot outside for you — it’s too hot for your dog.

Take Early Morning Walks

Once summer hits, it’s time to set that alarm clock for an early morning rollout.

Most dog owners don’t realize that asphalt and pavement retain a massive amount of heat. For example, on an 85 F day — asphalt may reach as high as 140 F!

The dog’s paws are tough, but they aren’t tough enough to comfortably walk while the ground reaches over 140 F. Therefore, you should always take your dog for a walk before the heat cranks up.

Never Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car

One of summer’s biggest no-no’s is leaving your dog in a hot car.

Temperatures skyrocket in an enclosed car, especially if it’s directly in the sun. Overall, dogs can die or experience severe brain damage within 10-minutes of being left in a hot car.

If you must leave your dog in the car due to an emergency, always roll the windows down to a safe level and leave the car on with air conditioning. Luckily, most businesses these days are pet friendly, making it easier to bring your dog with you instead of leaving it in a car.

Know What Heat Stroke Looks Like

Although you’re learning about tips to keep your dog safe during the summer — you must know the signs of heat stroke.

When a dog is having a heat stroke, classic early warning signs are:

  • Excessive panting
  • Heavy drooling
  • Bright red gums
  • Loss of coordination

If you missed the early signs, the late-stage symptoms of heat stroke are:

  • Noisy breathing
  • Vomiting
  • White gums
  • Sleepy/lethargic

Avoid Strenuous Exercise During Heat Waves

Although your dog won’t complain — you should never take your dog on a strenuous activity in high heat.

Remember, the dirt or pavement can reach searing temperatures, and the sunburn risk is elevated. Instead, plan all your activities during the cooler part of the day. By doing so, you’ll avoid risking your dogs' health.

Provide CBD Treats When You Leave the House

Whether you’re headed back to work or for a day trip at a nearby national park, your dog may experience separation anxiety.

During these episodes, dogs may continuously bark in desperation. Furthermore, your dog may pee and poop throughout the house. When paired with the excessive heat of summer, your dog may overwork itself to a harmful degree.

Therefore, providing your furry friend with a CBD treat is recommended.

CBD treats like D Oh Gee CBD Daily Turkey Chewies by Sky Wellness is an excellent choice. With 10mg of relaxing CBD per treat, your dog will experience a sense of well-being while you’re away.

How CBD Can Enhance Your Dog’s Summer

When it comes to the essentials — nothing beats water and food.

However, dogs experience CBD similarly to humans due to the endocannabinoid system. Once consumed, CBD provides ample relaxation by drastically decreasing stress.

Summer is filled with stressors for our canines. From searing heat to lonely days while their human friends are away to play. Although humans rarely think about it, dogs experience a great deal of emotions that require constant attention.

By consuming CBD, dogs can reduce daily stressors to increase their quality of life. From increased wellbeing to boosted vitality, your dog will howl for another CBD treat.

Treat Your Doggo to the D OH Gee CBD Line

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