Equine CBD

Equine CBD

 Let's talk a little bit about trends in equine CBD and its use in stables and other areas of the horse world.

 First of all, this is an exciting new market with new kinds of products coming out all the time. Big societal changes in how we treat cannabis and related products are having an impact on medicine, and on society as a whole. That’s exciting for people who believe in these products, and they’re seeing so much new market activity, and new uses for cannabis in general. 

 Some of this combines with changes in traditional veterinary medicine. Horses may be able to use some of these supplements for different kinds of wellness goals

 The Horse as Patient

 Horses are candidates for a lot of different kinds of natural treatments, for a reason.

 They’re some of the bigger animals that we interact with every day, and they have jobs to do. Whether they are racehorses or workhorses or showhorses, the owners want to keep them in the best condition possible.

 Horses also have specific kinds of issues that crop up where herbal supplements can have supportive benefits.

 Rolling the Eyes

 One of the relevant issues here is that horses tend to have high anxiety around certain things like flapping plastic or other kinds of unknown stimuli. You can see some of those responses, for example, when they roll their eyes wildly. 

 So when owners figure out that horses suffer from chronic anxiety, they want to be able to safely take care of those issues well.

 We've talked to some horse owners who really are enthusiastic about using herbal supplements for horse health, and in particular, horse anxiety. The supportive benefits are something they talk about as they detail how they started using these in their stables, how they care for horses over time, and how they view the horse’s health in general.

 More Equine Health Issues

 Horses can also have gastrointestinal problems that require some kind of treatment.

 In some senses, the nutrition of the horse’s diet can be relevant, and herbal supplements may play a role.

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