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Holiday Stocking Stuffers: A Gift Guide

The holidays are all about making the most of quality time with loved ones and enjoying our most cherished traditions with one another.  Few traditions are as fun as exchanging gifts that we pick out carefully for our friends and family, but shopping for those closest to us can be hard, especially when we have loved ones who have extremely picky tastes or seem to already have everything that they could possibly ask for.  That being said, one gift that’s truly universal is CBD! 

CBD from Sky Wellness: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

Did you know everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS)?  This means that cannabidiol (CBD) and other hemp compounds can be valuable for anyone in your life old enough to consume it.  There is nothing like the gift of cannabinoid care to tell your loved ones that you are truly invested in their daily needs.  Thanks to its versatile properties, CBD can be the perfect choice for anyone on your gift-giving list this holiday season. 

Sky Wellness offers a wide variety of high-quality CBD products in a number of targeted formulas to zone in on the individual needs and preferences of those closest to you.  A lot of our products make perfect small gifts, stocking stuffers for men, and stocking stuffers for women too!

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#1: CBDaF! Energy Softgels 600mg 30ct + CBG + Caffeine + Taurine

We all have that person in our life who has a hard time getting out of bed and no problem going through a ton of coffee throughout the day.  For that friend or family member, these softgels are perfect.  Relying on natural derivatives to provide that much-needed boost of energy, this formula is gentle, yet equipped to add some pep to their step.  A blend of CBD, CBG (cannabigerol), taurine, and caffeine helps increase energy levels in a manner that can yield long-lasting results throughout the day, minus the jitters of traditional coffee or an energy drink. This is definitely one of the best stocking stuffers for that overly tired loved one.

#2: CBD Max Relief Roll-On 500mg + Lidocaine

Nobody is immune to soreness, stiffness and tension from time to time, which is why this CBD roll-on is one of those gifts that you could give to every single person on your list.  Infused with plant-derived, gentle ingredients, it offers a generous blend of CBD extract, lidocaine, arnica, chamomile, green tea, and primrose that penetrate deep into the muscle and joint tissue in mere minutes.  Effects can even last for up to 6 hours at a time.  It’s also travel-friendly, non-greasy, and moisturizing to the skin, meaning that it’s a gift your loved one can enjoy using on a daily basis.

#3: CBD Gummies 750mg 30ct Fruit Flavors

CBD gummies are never a bad idea as stocking stuffers for women or stocking stuffers for men.  When consumed in gummy form, CBD works throughout the entire body’s endocannabinoid system to promote a general sense of balance between the mind and body.  Therefore, these gummies can elevate anyone’s daily routine while being uniquely tasty to boot.  Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of THC-free, CBD-rich broad spectrum hemp, which is considered to be a gentle, yet capable standard daily serving to produce desired results.  Oh, and did we mention they are 100% vegan friendly?

#4: CBD Sleep Softgels 125mg 5ct + CBN + Melatonin

This mini pack of CBD Sleep Softgels is something that can be very helpful to that loved one who is under stress or dealing with pain that keeps them up at night.  Infused with a blend of THC-free CBD, CBN (cannabinol), and melatonin, the formula supports the body’s natural sleep cycle to offer some help from mother nature at bedtime.  The tiny size of this pack will fit into any stocking, while the quality of the actual ingredients goes above and beyond to ensure maximum efficacy and value.

#5: CBD Relax Disposable Vape Pen 135mg

There is not a single person in your life who couldn’t benefit from some relaxation, and this CBD Relax Disposable Vape Pen* is a great way to show the person you choose that you understand their needs.  Infused with hemp-derived compounds known for their mellowing effects, this pen is the ultimate gift thanks to its maintenance-free nature.  It’s ready to use out of the package, and at no point does it require any charging/recharging of the battery, assembly, cleaning or refilling of vape oil.  Its formula is also free of questionable chemicals and is rich in carefully extracted cannabinoids and terpenes. On top of all that, it also comes in two delicious fruit flavors: guava berry and blueberry.

#6: CBD Relief Oil Drops 1500mg Peppermint

Yet another extremely useful stocking stuffer are the 1500mg Peppermint CBD Relief Oil Drops, which offer a seasonal holiday twist in terms of their flavor!  This exceptional CBD oil blends together hemp-derived compounds known for offering widespread feelings of relief throughout the body, while acting primarily as a tincture that’s very easy to portion out.  It’s actually quite a versatile product, as it can also be added to foods and beverages, and even used to make homemade edibles.  Made with THC-free broad spectrum hemp, it offers an extra-strength concentration that is great for those who could use a little extra help.  It may even become a hot cocoa connoisseur’s favorite minty addition to their chocolaty drink.

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#7: CBD Focus Vape Cartridge 225mg

CBD vape cartridges* are excellent stocking stuffers since they’re small and compact, while offering brilliantly fast-acting and potent effects associated with the hemp plant.  This “Focus” cartridge offers a blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes known to offer a nice boost in concentration and mental focus, which is great for anyone with a particularly demanding job or someone who’s been feeling zapped of energy lately. 

#8: CBDaF! Disposable Pen 200mg CBD Isolate Blue Raspberry

Another great option for those who like to vape is this disposable CBD vape pen*, which comes with the added bonus of offering a mouthwatering blue raspberry flavor.  Like all of the disposables at Sky Wellness, this vape pen never needs to be refilled, charged or assembled, and comes ready to vape right out of its packaging.  It’s extremely portable, and its compact size slips into even the most stuffed stockings.  The CBD isolate is entirely THC-free, and contains zero additional compounds, which is also ideal for those who prefer to enjoy nothing but pure cannabidiol.

#9: CBD Facial Spa Oil 100mg + Tea Tree Oil

We’re sure that you have a few skincare enthusiasts in your life too! This CBD Facial Spa Oil will be the ultimate indulgence for them.  Combining 100 milligrams of pure hemp extract with tea tree oil, Vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil, this product delivers intensive moisture along with the known properties of both CBD and tea tree extracts.  Bring balance to your loved ones’ skin while leaving it glowing and healthy. 

*Recently, the USPS and other mail carriers put in place a restriction on companies shipping vape products to consumers. You can find locations near you on our Store Locator page to pick up our disposables and cartridges here. Please make sure to call the store in advance, as every store carries a different Sky Wellness assortment, and our products sell fast!

Read more about the USPS vape shipping ban here.



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