best holiday gifts for mom | holiday gift ideas for mom

The Best Holiday Gifts for Mom: A Comprehensive Guide

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about all the gifts that we’ll be giving our loved ones during the festive months ahead.  We all know that our parents are among the hardest on our lists, because it sometimes seems like they may already have everything they need.  One thing they might not have, however, is CBD.

If you’re stuck on what to give your mother this holiday season, you’re in luck.  At Sky Wellness, we believe that cannabidiol (CBD) is the ultimate gift for mom.  As a natural, nonintoxicating derivative of the hemp plant, CBD can offer all kinds of properties that – let’s face it – mom could use a little help with.  Read on to take a look at our list of favorite holiday gift ideas for mom.  Let’s help Mom believe in Santa again and give the gift of hemp this holiday season!


Give Mom the Gift of Hemp This Holiday Season!

All of the magnificent women in our lives deserve relief and giving your wife, mom, grandma, or even your sister the gift of CBD shows her that you care about her and how she feels.  Luckily for you, we certainly have the perfect holiday present (or seven) for the special women in your life.  All of our CBD-based formulas are made with carefully sourced ingredients and organically grown, third-party tested hemp for maximum quality and effectiveness.

best holiday gift ideas for mom | best gifts for busy moms

#1: CBD Relax Drops 1000mg Tropical Smoothie

CBD tinctures are a great addition to any mom’s routine, since they’re easy to take, easy to portion out, and generally offer gentle effects that can last for several hours of the day.  Our 1000mg Relax Drops suggest a single serving size so that she can get the full effects of the hemp plant in a way that’s still manageable for someone who is new to CBD’s many different dosing options.  The Tropical Smoothie flavor also makes each serving something to look forward to. Many women who use our Relax drops find that they help promote a calmer state of mind, and an overall sense of inner balance.  This formula was developed using the compounds of the hemp plant that are most associated with relaxation.  It’s perfect for daily use, or for taking before she gets ready for bed.

#2: BEAUTYaF CBD Body Butter 200mg + Vitamin E

If mom is always looking for a new moisturizer for her skin, this advanced, intensive body butter formula may be exactly what she has been asking for this year.  Infused with 200 milligrams of CBD and Vitamin E, it can offer transformative properties to skin that’s dry, chapped, cracked or dull.  Perfect for daily application, it allows cannabidiol to attach to cannabinoid receptors that offer balance to the skin’s many layers. Our hand selected combination of naturally derived ingredients then delivers serious moisture to skin that’s depleted or damaged.  She’ll love the luxurious feel of this body butter that can give her the self-care she deserves.

#3: CBD Facial Spa Oil 100mg + Tea Tree Oil

Our line of skincare products are the ultimate treat for mom, blending holistic, plant-based ingredients with the leading principles and values of the luxury skincare market to give her exactly what she deserves.  This luxurious facial oil contains 100 milligrams of broad spectrum cannabidiol paired with tea tree oil, perfect for keeping the skin clean and clear.  If that wasn’t enough, a blend of sunflower seed oil, pure squalene, and Vitamin E boost all work together to boost moisture levels and leave the skin plump, dewy, and glowing at any age.

best holiday gift ideas for mom | best gifts for busy moms


#4: CBD Skincare Routine Bundle

If you’d like to go all out for mom this holiday season, this bundle is the way to do it.  Moms tend to think about themselves last when it comes to self-care, and this beauty bundle gives her everything she needs to start a skincare routine hard to find outside of a high-end spa.  This is definitely one of the best gifts for busy women who deserve to feel like a queen every day!  In the bundle, she can expect to enjoy our:

All of these products work together to deliver a complete daily routine that can transform her skin, with major anti-aging properties coming from a variety of plant-based ingredients.  Mom will feel like every day is spa day, and she’ll have you to thank!

#5: CBD Sleep Softgels 750mg 30ct + CBN + Melatonin

A lot of moms spend all day catering to everyone else’s needs, and when the time comes to rest, sleep is hard to come by.  This is especially true as women get older, as hormone changes can seriously interfere with getting a good night’s sleep.  One of the best holiday gifts for mom are these clean, plant-based, and gentle softgels that contain 25 milligrams of lab-tested CBD paired with CBN (cannabinol). CBN is a secondary cannabinoid in the hemp plant that may offer value at nighttime for getting to sleep and staying asleep.  These cannabinoids are blended with melatonin, a well-known natural sleep aid that is known to support our circadian rhythms.

#6: CBD Max Relief Roll-On 500mg + Lidocaine

Just about everyone deals with aches and pains, and that’s why our Max Relief Roll-On is such a perfect gift for any mother.  Infused with 500 milligrams of CBD and lidocaine, plus arnica, chamomile, and other natural ingredients, it rolls onto the body easily, to provide targeted relief to the muscles and joints beneath the skin.  It’s travel-friendly, extremely gentle for sensitive skin and even offers moisturizing properties that add to its usefulness.  Busy women who deserve a little relief can apply it anywhere she’s experiencing stiffness and tension.  Plus, the formula quickly absorbs into the skin to produce localized effects for up to 6 hours.

#7: CBD Oil & Gummy Starter Bundle

If she has been interested in starting a CBD routine but hasn’t known where to get started, this bundle is probably one of the best holiday gift ideas for mom.  It consists of three exceptional products from CBDaF!, our full spectrum and isolate sister line.  Being full spectrum products, they contain the entire array of compounds naturally present in the hemp plant for maximum bioavailability thanks to the power of plant synergy! CBDaF! Gummies are made from pure hemp isolate, and contain no THC.  These power-packed gummies also won CSP product of the year in 2021.  Each starter bundle contains:

This way, she can try out different CBD products and know which ones are right for different parts of her daily routine. 



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