Seasonal Sales in CBD

Seasonal Sales in CBD

In this blog post, we'll talk a little bit about our flash sale for the fourth of July that's making waves right now on our e-commerce shop.

We’ll also talk about the supportive benefits of CBD for people and animals, and how many people like to pursue this kind of daily routine with gummies or other products.

Setting Up for July 4

Some people feel there’s something patriotic about CBD right now.

It's a new industry that's spinning up in a big way. Legalization and new production models mean that CBD is something different than this natural plant once was seen as in our society.

In order to stimulate the economy in productive ways, new markets play a big role. So CBD really is patriotic in a number of ways, and we want to celebrate that with a July 4 sale you won't forget, this year and in the years to come! When you’re cleaning up your July 4 party, think about starting a new CBD regimen that may improve you quality of life day to day.

Go on the website and check out the promo codes and everything else to get your CBD at reduced and more affordable prices.

July 4 and Fireworks

We know a lot of people are setting off fireworks…that’s part of the deal on July 4.

That's why a lot more people are taking advantage of our July 4 sale to buy CBD, but not for themselves.

No, many of them are buying this anxiety remedy and calming solution for their furry friends; the boxer, the bulldog, the terrier and bichon frise…(and a whole bunch of other breeds too numerous to list here, sorry…)

Dogs have a natural aversion to fireworks. It's just a fact of life. And with so many people paying attention to their dogs’ welfare, and others paying attention to pyrotechnics, you have a recipe for some sorts of frustration.

Our CBD pet products play a big role here, because you can actually give a dog some of the stuff to try to help them calm down as holiday festivities are going on all around them. Of course, it's also a good idea to keep them indoors with doors and windows shut, in order to ameliorate some of the loud bangs and flashes that create consternation for canines.

In any case, our e-commerce products are popular year-round, so bookmark the site and get what you need for daily consistency in CBD from a quality supplier.