SLEEP CBD Softgels 5 Qty 125mg


Our Sleep softgels are just what you need to unwind your mind, relax your body and dive in to a gratifying and restful sleep. To boost your restfulness, we added CBN – the cannabinoid for sleep. Added bonus? CBN benefits have been studied for anti-insomnia effects and maybe one of the strongest cannabinoids in promoting healthy sleep habits. A good night’s sleep just got easier, naturally.Oh, and softgels? Because they’re easier to swallow and digest! Now we’ve got your tummy covered too.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract | CBN | Melatonin | Purified Water | Bovine Gelatin | Glycerin 99.7% | Beeswax | Lecithin


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125mg (Each)


5 Pack

Serving Size

1 Softgel

How To Use

Take 1-2 gummies daily as desired. To preserve freshness, store away from heat, light, and humidity. Avoid freezing temperatures, and keep below 150 degrees F.


Cannabidiol hemp oil: 25mg per Gummy | 125mg Per Gummy | 250mg Per Gummy | 750mg Gummy (based on product purchased)

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, Glucose, Sucrose, Water, Agar, MCT Oil, Quillja Extract, Citric Acid, Flavors,  Fruit and Vegetable Juice Concentrate (for color), Locust Bean Gum.

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