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Why Your Dog Deserves the Product of the Year! (POTY)

Keeping our furry friends healthy and happy is often our number one priority. We look after them, take them to the vet, give them the best food, and make sure they get enough exercise.

Many of us also go above and beyond by giving our dogs CBD. Just like humans, dogs may benefit from the physical and mental support of CBD.

However, we know that we can’t give our beloved pets just any CBD product, and only the best of the best should make the cut.

Luckily, picking the best CBD goodies for dogs is a no-brainer, thanks to Sky Wellness. That’s because Sky Wellness’ D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies are amazing morsels that are perfect for any breed, regardless of age or weight.

Don’t just take our word for it… D Oh Gee’s Turkey Chewies just won the prestigious Product of the Year (POTY) award!

To find out why Sky Wellness’ D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies are the best CBD dog product on the market and why they won this prestigious award, then continue reading below.

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Why Are Sky Wellness’ D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies the Best CBD Dog Product?

There are many reasons why Sky Wellness’ Turkey Chewies are the best CBD dog product available. They’re packed with a consistent amount of high-quality CBD, can be dosed out for every dog, are all-natural, and are produced right here in the USA. Not to mention the delicious real ingredients, but more on that below!

Robust Supportive Benefits

An essential part of any CBD pet product is its supportive benefits it can provide. After all, nobody wants to waste their money on an inferior product that doesn’t support their pet.

That’s why Sky Wellness’ D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies are the best CBD dog product. They provide robust supportive benefits to all dogs, whether they’re perfectly healthy, hyperactive, or getting on in the years.

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D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies are specifically crafted for calming and joint support. CBD is often used for dogs who are aging and have trouble moving around, or for dogs with environmental stress, high-energy, or phobias that cause distress.

They also contain supportive benefits for inflammation and can help older dogs move around and continue to do the things they love. The Turkey Chews also have supportive benefits for environmental stimulus issues, which can help them cope while you’re away, deal with a large party, or be calm during thunderstorms and when Amazon comes knocking!

Safe and Delicious All-Natural Ingredients

What good is a CBD consumable if dogs don’t actually like them? However, that’s not a problem with Sky Wellness D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies.

Dogs find these Turkey Chewies absolutely delicious, no matter their breed. Each bite is made up of real cranberry, turkey, cane molasses, and salt.

The best part is that every ingredient is all-natural! D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies are also low in fat, so you don’t need to fret about how they’ll affect your dog’s diet.

Easily Dosed CBD

Each one is infused with 10 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD oil. That means that there’s absolutely no THC in the product at all. THC can be toxic for pups, and their safety is our first priority.

Although 10 milligrams might seem a bit high for a pooch, remember that these Cranberry Turkey Chewies are formulated for calming and joint support. Dogs who are aging, or younger dogs who need a chill pill may benefit from the higher dosage found within.

POTY | product of the year

However, you may want to give them less or more CBD depending on your dog’s breed and weight. These circular CBD dog chews are effortless to cut and dose out, and there is a dosing guide on the back of every bag.

Simply chop them in half or in quarters, and then dose your dog accordingly. Or, if you have a larger breed, you can give them more than one Turkey Cranberry Chew after testing the waters with less.

USA Grown and Lab-Tested for Safety

Like the other ingredients, the hemp that the CBD is derived from is non-GMO. On top of that, the CBD used in this fantastic product is always USA-grown.

To ensure the safety of your beloved pet, every batch of D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies is lab-tested. You can scan the barcode on the bag and see that the CBD infused within is always perfectly safe for consumption.

POTY | cranberry turkey

Does Sky Wellness Have Other CBD Products for Pets?

Yes, Sky Wellness has the entire D Oh Gee Line, which is curated with the best CBD products for your dog. Below is a highlight of the other D Oh Gee products you can find through the Sky Wellness website.

CBD Daily Duck Bites

Like the Cranberry Turkey Chews, the CBD Daily Duck Bites are formulated for joint and calming support. However, these Daily Bites are also perfect for everyday wellness for your dog.

Each Duck Bite is infused with 5 mg of CBD and packed with natural ingredients such as real duck, pea flour, pumpkin, and more.

CBD Bacon Flavor Dog Oil Drops (600 or 300 mg)

CBD Oil Drops are a great alternative to traditional chewable products. Although CBD Oil may be a little more complicated to serve than individual chewables, it can be given orally or added to a dog’s meal.

However, CBD Oil Drops are excellent for perfectly dosing out your dog’s desired amount of CBD every time. They also contain a much higher quantity of CBD, which can be a great option for those with particularly large breeds.

If you’re interested in CBD Oil for your dog, then look no further than D Oh Gee CBD Dog Oil Drops. These CBD Oil Drops come in both 600 and 300 mg bottles that feature a delicious natural bacon flavor.

Give Your Dog the Best CBD They Can Get Their Paws On

Sky Wellness knows that you want to give your dog the best CBD products. That’s why every product in the D Oh Gee CBD Line is formulated with safety and effectiveness in mind.

Not only that, but D Oh Gee products go above and beyond with a tasty flavor profile that your dog is sure to love. All of these reasons are why the Cranberry Turkey Chews won the Product Of The Year Award (POTY) for the best CBD Dog product on the market.

Give your dog the calmness or joint support that they deserve by trying Sky Wellness’ D Oh Gee Turkey Chewies today.

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