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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD help horses?

While research is limited, preliminary research has shown that horses may benefit from CBD oil. Some of the benefits include supporting the gastrointestinal tract to help restore their natural balance and strengthen their immune system. Additionally, studies looking at CBD and horses show that support of skincare may be another benefit.

What is the recommended dose of CBD oil for a horse?

Like humans, the recommended dose of CBD oil for a horse may depend on various factors, such as the horse’s weight and size. A good baseline to start would be 40 mg per day and gradually increase by 20 mg until you find a comfortable spot for your horse.

How much CBD helps ease laminitis in horses?

Research is still limited on this topic, but a study conducted by Dr. Silver, a leading veterinary hemp expert, found that 50 mg of CBD per day effectively supported severe lameness. Additionally, he found that CBD supported mild to moderate acute laminitis and equine metabolic syndrome.

How long does it take for CBD supplements to kick in?

Like humans, the time it takes for horses to feel the full effects of CBD may vary from horse to horse. However, the horse may start feeling the effects within 30 minutes to an hour.