CBD Softgels

Our CBD Softgels are the perfect way to either start your day of right or end your day wiht a great night's sleep! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do CBD gel caps do?

CBD gel caps are similar enough to fall into the edible category but slightly different to earn their own category. CBD gel caps are delivered orally, and like other capsules, they are meant to be swallowed. The capsule will protect the CBD oil by preventing air and light from coming through.

How often do you take CBD softgels?

The amount of CBD softgels recommended to take may vary depending on your body weight, tolerance to cannabinoids and overall wellness goals. However, a good starting point is 20 - 25 mg. Gradually increase to meet your wellness needs.

How long does it take for CBD softgels to work?

Most CBD softgels will be administered sublingually, and the softgel will need time to process through the digestive system. Generally, the effects should kick in as little as 20 minutes and as long as two hours. Additionally, the effects may last as long as two hours.

Can CBD softgels help with anxiety?

Studies have shown CBD softgels and CBD as a whole may have beneficial effects to supporting anxiety.

What do CBD softgels help with?

Softgels are an alternative method to taking CBD oil. Studies have shown CBD oil may have potential benefits include anxiety & mood support, pain and inflammation support and supporting improvement in skin conditions.