Give The Gift of Wellness This Holiday Season

Give The Gift of Wellness This Holiday Season

There is no doubt that some gifts that we give over the holidays are more personal and well thought-out than others.  Gift-giving is a tricky business, and it’s hard to know exactly what all of our loved ones could actually benefit from rather than use as a dust collector.  We encourage you to give your friends and family the gift of wellness by providing them the many valued properties of the hemp plant, with a specific product that’s especially compatible with their daily needs. 

Speaking of needs, all of us have them, whether it be relief from stress, help with sleep, or relief from physical discomfort.  That is where cannabidiol (CBD) comes in.  Rich in a host of valuable properties (and nonintoxicating), CBD gifts can be given to anyone and can be used in a way that enhances their daily routine.

Give the Gift of Wellness to Let Your Loved Ones Know You Care

Let’s face it – a lot of the presents that we give to our loved ones during the holidays don’t actually add a lot of value to their lives in the long-term.  Sure, they’re nice to open and get some use out of, but they don’t actually improve their day-to-day in any tangible way.  That being said, wellness is something that every person on your list this season can benefit from. 

We carry a wide variety of lab-tested, top-quality CBD wellness products that may soon become your loved ones’ holiday favorites.  They all contain clean, naturally sourced ingredients and gift wrap-friendly packaging, while offering nothing but the purest hemp possible for maximum bioavailability.  You can explore all of our products on our website for gift ideas, but here are the most popular choices for the holidays.

#1: CBD Gummies 750mg 30ct Fruit Flavors

There’s nothing like gummies to get a loved one started on a hemp routine.  These tasty gummies burst with fresh fruit flavor and are completely vegan, which means you can give them to practically anyone.  With 25 milligrams of THC-free hemp extract per piece, they provide an excellent daily serving amount of CBD, while offering up to 8 hours of effects that are subtle yet widespread and promote feelings of balance throughout the body and the mind.

#2: CBD Intensive Relief Rub 250mg + Menthol

CBD topicals always make for a great gift, and a wonderful way to introduce a more hesitant family member to the value of the hemp plant.  Rather than taken internally, this intensive relief rub is applied to affected areas, where a blend of hemp extract and menthol sink deep into the joint and muscle tissue in a targeted and localized way.  The formula is extremely soothing and absorbs within minutes, with effects that can last for up to 6 hours.  We bet that you can’t think of one person on your list who wouldn’t enjoy having this around when they need it.

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#3: CBD Skincare Routine Bundle

For those skincare lovers in your life, our CBD Skincare Routine Bundle is the ultimate gift.  It consists of four highly advanced, carefully developed skincare formulas that come together to offer a complete daily routine.  Each formula is infused with a blend of CBD, herbs, and botanicals that have been studied for their skin-transforming properties that can leave the skin glowing, smooth and youthful.  This bundle contains:

#4: CBD Max Relief Roll-On 500mg + Lidocaine

Yet another fabulous topical for on-the-spot relief is our Max Relief Roll-On, which comes in a mess-free roll-on formula that makes it perfect for those friends and family members who are always on the go.  A blend of CBD, primrose, lidocaine, green tea, chamomile, and arnica ensures that the deep tissue of the body is enriched with natural derivatives known to improve the condition of the muscles and joints.  Like our Relief Rub, this formula absorbs quickly and offers long-lasting effects. As a bonus, it’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

#5: CBD Relief Bundle

We could all use some relief from time to time, but some need a little more help than others.  This CBD Relief Bundle is made up of a generous array of CBD wellness products, all made with ingredients and hemp derivatives associated with providing a sense of ease to the body.  Your gift recipient will be dazzled as they examine each and every product and learn how they can be extremely helpful in their day-to-day life.  This bundle includes:

#6: CBD Relax Disposable Vape Pen 135mg

That stressed out friend or family member might just sing your praises when they discover this disposable vape pen formulated specifically to offer a sense of balance during the most stressful parts of the day.  Nonintoxicating and user-friendly, this vape pen contains 135 milligrams of hemp extract, including terpenes associated with a mellower state of mind.  It requires zero charging, assembly or filling of vape oil, being ready to use right out of the box so that no effort is required on your loved one’s part.  This would definitely be on the list of best cheap gifts too, so this one is an easy buy if you want to see how it works for yourself first!

#7: CBD Oil & Gummy Starter Bundle

If you’re looking to introduce someone to the general properties of the hemp plant, this bundle makes an excellent choice.  It provides them with 3 fantastic full spectrum hemp products that are all easy to take daily, and all made with top-quality ingredients.  This bundle includes:

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#8: CBD AM/PM Bundle

Yet another excellent bundle is our CBD AM/PM Bundle, which covers both daily and nightly needs with different targeted formulas that offer a complete routine together.  This bundle is an excellent gift choice as everyone can enjoy the properties found within each product.  It includes:

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