Infusion vs. Spray On

Infusion vs. Spray On

Although CBD gummies may look similar — it’s what’s inside that counts.

Today, we will discuss the differences between infusion and spray on CBD regarding edibles. From potency to accurate lab results, we’re going to dive deep into the debate between infused CBD gummies vs. coated CBD gummies.

What is Infusion?

When we say infusion — we’re specifically discussing the method of filling CBD gummies with CBD extract.

In this case, CBD gummies are saturated with a pinpoint dose of CBD extract. Overall, CBD edibles that are infused retain potency and provide accurate test results.

An example of infused CBD gummies are those found at Sky Wellness, such as 750mg CBD Gummies.

What is Spray-On?

Spray-on CBD edibles are different compared to infused CBD edibles because they are sprayed-on on the surface.

In other words, CBD extract that’s sprayed on does not internally saturate the product. Instead, the CBD edibles are coated with CBD.

What Are The Primary Differences Between Infusion and Spray-On CBD Gummies?

Next, let’s take a closer look at the differences between infused and spray-on CBD gummies.

Infused CBD Gummies Provide Accurate Test Results

Given the nature of infused CBD gummies, lab test providers can more accurately test the product's potency.

Unlike spray-on CBD gummies, any part of the edible will provide consistent results because the CBD extract is evenly distributed. Therefore, customers can rely on infused CBD gummies to provide accurate results compared to coated edibles.

Infused CBD Gummies Have a Longer Shelf Life

Since infused CBD edibles contain CBD extract throughout the entirety of the product — it has a longer shelf life.

Coated edibles tend to have a shorter shelf life because the primary CBD coating is on the outside. In other words, shelf life-shortening factors, such as air and light, are more prone to affect gummies that feature spray-on CBD extract.

Infused CBD Gummies Are Consistent

Another primary difference between infused CBD gummies and spray-on edibles is consistency.

Infused edibles are extremely consistent because they receive a pinpoint amount of CBD extract. On the other hand, spray-on gummies may lose a layer of CBD extract while inside the packaging, thus decreasing its consistency.

Overall, products such as CBD Immunity Gummies from Sky Wellness are able to maintain 25mg of CBD per gummy due to the fact that they are infused.

When accurate dosing matters most — it’s best to buy infused CBD gummies compared to coated edibles.

Infused CBD Gummies Offer Potent Effects

Think about infused CBD gummies as capsules.

Once you consume them, they travel through the digestive tract to generate powerful effects. Remember, CBD gummies are edibles and must be broken down to provide your body with the desired effects.

Some of the CBD extract is lost at different points of the consumption phase when consuming coated edibles. Therefore, the effects are not as notable as those from infused gummies.

Therefore, the effects of infused gummies are stronger than those from spray-on gummies. Additionally, the effects are likely to last longer when consuming infused CBD gummies.

Infused CBD Gummies Provide More Bang For Your Buck

Although spray-on gummies are typically priced lower — it doesn’t mean you’ll be satisfied.

Considering all notable aspects surrounding infused CBD gummies, it’s clear that they generate more bang for your buck. From consistent effects to longer shelf life, it’s challenging to choose spray-on gummies over infused gummies.

The Best Infused CBD Gummies

If you’re on the hunt for the best CBD-infused gummies — look no further than those found at Sky Wellness.

Below, we’ll discuss a few select products and highlight their notable characteristics.

CBDaF! Gummies

When your taste buds crave fruity flavors packed with abundant CBD — CBDaF Gummies are all you need.

Each gummy offers a unique flavor that’ll propel your taste buds to seventh heaven. However, the real kicker of CBDaF! Gummies are their consistency. By infusing CBDaF! Gummies with CBD isolate, customers can rest assured that every bite is loaded with CBD — and nothing else.

CBD Sleep Gummies

If sleep is the priority — products with a consistent track record are a must.

In the case of CBD gummies with a relaxing twist, CBD Sleep Gummies from Sky Wellness hit the mark. Infused with CBD extract and melatonin, your mind and body will experience a restful night’s sleep.

CBD Immunity Gummies

As summer approaches — you’ll need to boost your immune system.

CBD Immunity Gummies from Sky Wellness is loaded with the ultimate ingredients, such as infused CBD, elderberry, and vitamin C. By infusing these three active ingredients, your mind and body will be ready for a summer filled with excitement.

Are Infused Gummies Better Than Coated Gummies?

Overall, infused gummies are better than spray-on gummies across the board.

The primary benefit of buying infused gummies is that they offer unparalleled consistency. A higher consistency leads to longer shelf life, increased potency, longer-lasting effects, and much more.

Furthermore, you can trust what’s inside infused gummies because they are more accurate when it comes to lab results. Whether you care how much CBD is in your products or not — you’ll always find more bang for your buck when you opt for infused CBD gummies.

Enjoy a Summer of Wellness With Sky Wellness

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