What You Need To Know About Giving Pets Hemp

What You Need To Know About Giving Pets Hemp

You may know about the physical and mental benefits CBD (cannabidiol) has to offer for humans, but did you know about the multitude of benefits it has for pets? Just like in humans, CBD activates the endocannabinoid system in cats, dogs, and other mammals. This bodily system is involved in digestive, cardiovascular, cognitive, and memory processes (as well as many others), which is why the list of CBD’s advantages seems to go on and on! As a result, our beloved furry friends are able to enjoy the same relief we get from regularly taking CBD oil. And no, CBD isn’t psychoactive, so it can’t get Fluffy high.

As a pet owner, you may choose to use CBD to treat a specific ailment your dog or cat suffers from. You may also give them CBD oil daily as a regular wellness measure. For example, some people reduce their dog’s anxiety with CBD oil during storm season, while others give their pups CBD regularly to keep the digestive system running smoothly. CBD is very helpful for people traveling with restless pets, whether it’s for a cross-country move or just a trip to the vet. Still others give their aging kitties and canines CBD oil to relieve general pain, especially that associated with arthritis. Topical ointments and creams containing CBD even help with skin inflammation and insect bites.

There are very few common maladies CBD can’t help with. But how do you safely administer CBD oil to your pet? It’s best to start with your pet’s weight. Many CBD oil products made specifically for animals carry dosage information and instructions on the label, but a general starting point is 1 mg of active CBD (not a blended oil) per 15 lb. From there, you may choose to bump up the dosage or frequency until you and your pet achieve desired results. CBD oil is just as safe for your pet as it is for you, provided you administer carefully measured doses.

Whether it’s via tinctures or yummy CBD-infused biscuits, your furry friend will enjoy CBD’s multitude of benefits in no time.



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