Hemp Infused Products For Pets

Hemp Infused Products For Pets

Our pets experience anxiety just as often as we all do. Between holiday fireworks, thunderstorms, and general separation anxiety, our pets need something to help keep them calm the same way a cup of chamomile tea provides a little relaxation and relief. There has been a surge in veterinary and pet owner support for the use of CBD to help treat anxiety in animals, with more anecdotal reports revealing positive outcomes with CBD infused treats and tinctures.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural cannabinoid compound that is extracted from hemp or cannabis sativa plants and is just one of the 120 known compounds found within these plants. Hemp plants typically contain higher concentrations of CBD than cannabis while containing only trace amounts of THC. Hemp cultivation is typically an all-natural process that requires no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Outside of anxiety use, CBD also shows a strong indication of being able to impact pain related to canine osteoarthritis, similar to how CBD has been showing positive results in humans.

With New Year’s celebrations right around the corner, a lot of pet parents are considering using CBD as a way to curb pet anxieties associated with NYE related noise.



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