Which Sky Wellness Product is Right for You?

Which Sky Wellness Product is Right for You?

Which Sky Wellness CBD Product is Right for You?


At Sky Wellness, we know that everyone has their own specific goal when it comes to using hemp-based products to absorb compounds like CBD into their bodies. This is why we offer a variety of Experience formulas that deliver something unique to the system to produce specific effects.

We currently carry four formulas:

Each one contains a unique blend of hemp-derived compounds known for producing certain types of effects, so that you can better reach your goals when using cannabidiol.

Sky Wellness CBD Products: Pure and High in Quality

Our Tincture from Sky Wellness are oral tincture formulas that come in 30ml dropper bottles. Tinctures work by absorbing through the sublingual tissue under the tongue, which absorbs these compounds in an efficient manner for high bioavailability. Most people say that the effects peak in about 45 minutes to an hour and start to wear off after about 3 to 4 hours. CBD Oil Drops can be taken daily up to twice each day and can be used with other Sky Wellness CBD products if desired.

All Sky Wellness Tinctures use broad spectrum hemp extract, which is a THC-free alternative to full spectrum, meaning that it still maintains its diverse array of desirable cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients, and more. We offer a variety of strengths, ranging from 250mg for beginners to 1500mg for those who want a more potent CBD experience.

How to Use Our Tinctures

Using our CBD Tinctures couldn’t be any easier. The dropper cap measures out a milliliter of liquid, which counts as a single serving size. Therefore, just fill the dropper with oil and place it under your tongue, holding it there for about 60 seconds before swallowing.


Our Relax formula is the ultimate indulgence after a long and tiring day, week or even month. Just a dropper’s worth of this tincture can do wonders for your stress levels, helping you find a state of inner calm that is so hard to achieve during the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What makes our Relax formula different from the rest is the chemical compounds that we blended together to produce these calming effects. We sourced the best hemp-derived terpenes that are known for offering feelings of relaxation to the mind and body and blended them with our signature cannabinoid blend to ensure that this formula gets the job done.


For those moments when you are feeling foggy and fatigued, our Focus formula really comes in handy. Many people associate hemp with sedation, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are plenty of compounds in the plant that actually offer energizing properties, including ones that improve cognitive functions like focus, motivation, alertness, and overall mental clarity.

We took all of those compounds and put them together to produce this concentration-enhancing formula that is ideal for taking during the sluggish hours at work, or before a workout if you need a little help getting yourself motivated to push yourself.

Our Focus formula doesn’t make you feel wired and edgy like caffeine and other known stimulants. Hemp is a gentle plant which aims to regulate functions of the body so that they are operating at their highest potential, and this is exactly what Focus does for your mind and body.


Sometimes, we just feel “blah” for no singular reason. Maybe our muscles are aching, or maybe we feel the effects of inflammation working their way throughout the body. Regardless, relief is on the way. Our Relief formula consists of expertly extracted compounds from hemp that join forces to provide relief from head to toe, which can help with inflamed areas of the body along with bodily systems that just aren’t pulling their weight due to fatigue, burnout or stress.

Many customers who use our Relief formula say that it helps them with aches and pains, and this comes from a carefully selected combination of terpenes that are known for offering anti-inflammatory properties to the body in a widespread manner.

There is also a selection of desirable cannabinoids to help regulate the body all over. This is so  you can achieve homeostasis at last, which is exactly what the body’s endocannabinoid system is for.


If there is one thing a lot of us could use help with these days, it would be sleep. Constant stress is an antagonist to sleep, interfering with the delicate hormonal balance needed to get enough shuteye each night. If tossing and turning has become a mainstay of your nightly routine, our Sleep formula is just what you need. This tincture provides a unique blend of natural ingredients that can promote sleep in a gentle, natural way in order to feel well-rested rather than groggy the next day.

A combination of CBD, CBN, and melatonin allows for improved sleep quality along with an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.

Because this tincture can be sedating, you should only use it at bedtime.

Choosing the Formula for Your Needs

So, which of the four formulas at Sky Wellness is right for you?

Well, ask yourself what it is that you want out of the hemp plant.

Whichever one resonates with you the most, is the formula that should be incorporated into your daily routine.

Also, keep in mind that you can use multiple formulas at different parts of the day if you wish. For instance, you can use our Focus blend in the morning when you need to be the most productive, and our Sleep formula at night when it is time to wind down.

Sky Wellness’ All-Natural CBD Product Line is the Way to Go

At Sky Wellness, our CBD products are designed to provide a specific type of CBD experience that consumers are looking for, which is why they come in these unique formulas. Check out our selection and decide which type will give you the results that you’re craving from the hemp plant.



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