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Premium Vape Battery

Our Premium Vaporizer Battery is simple, compact and convenient. It's designed to deliver the highest vapor volume of premium, high-viscosity extracts. This convenient battery that fits most cartridges is perfect for use when you are out and about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do vape batteries last?

The length at which vape batteries last may depend on a few factors, such as the size of the battery, including wattage, how long you take a specific puff and temperatures. Vape batteries do not fare well in the heat. It is strongly recommended to keep your battery out of the heat.

What are the best vape batteries?

The best vapes batteries are the ones that include high-quality components when manufacturing. Sky Wellness offers two high-quality batteries—the Premium Vape Battery & Charger and the CDBAF! Vape Battery

How long do vape batteries take to charge?

While all vapes are not created equal, generally, it should take two and four hours for a complete charge.

How much is a vape battery?

The price for a vape battery may vary depending on the company you purchase from. On the Sky Wellness website, you can find vape batteries for as little as $16.99 and no more expensive than $19.99.

Are all vape batteries the same?

No. Manufacturers use many different components to create the battery. Some manufacturers will use high-quality components, while others may go the economical route and use lower-quality parts. The high-quality batteries provide more charges and hold a charge for a longer time.