Industrial Hemp Registration License Number: AG-R1050861IHH

(A) Batch identification number: T-SW-FP1500-0001

(B) Product name: Full Spectrum 30ml Tincture – Focus-Tropical Pineapple 1500mg

(C) Batch date: 10-20-2018

(D) Expiration Date / Best By: 10-20-1019

(E) Batch size: 100 Packaged Units

(F) Total quantity produced: 113Individual Units

(G) Ingredients: Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Hemp Oil – Formulated by HempShire LLC Batch#1804C4L0159.4075, MCT Oil, Natural Terpenes, Natural Flavor

(H) Suggested Usage: 1ml (full Dropper) as needed, under the tongue – 50 mg of Cannabidiol per 1ml dropper

(I) Test Results By Weight: Cannabidiol: 51.6 Mg Per ML / THC: 0mg Per ML

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