12 Things You Should Always Consider Before Buying CBD Gummies

12 Things You Should Always Consider Before Buying CBD Gummies

So, you want to make CBD gummies a part of your daily routine? Well, as you might have imagined, not all gummies are made equally, and the bottom line is that there are certain things to look for that can impact how likely you are to actually get those results you’re looking for when consuming hemp compounds in this particularly tasty form.

#1: Third-Party Lab-Testing

Any company that does not test their hemp extracts and final products by a third-party laboratory should be avoided completely. Third-party testing is how companies maintain legitimacy in a largely unregulated industry, and this process acts as a way to maintain strict quality standards across the market.

Also, there is more than one laboratory test that is relevant to the product. For instance, some companies only provide end testing for cannabinoid concentration, while leaving out other important tests like mold, pesticides, and heavy metals. Making sure your product is safe along with being potent is equally important.

The process is simple. Each time a company makes a new batch of hemp extract and also final product, they send it off to a third-party laboratory that is licensed with the state to analyze samples of hemp. The testing process checks for the chemical compounds present in the extract, along with the purity levels achieved and whether or not the sample contains harmful microbes or other contaminants. These factors matter a lot, because they can determine the authenticity and safety of a hemp product.

The lab reports are supposed to be made available on a company’s website, with a clear breakdown of all of the components that have been analyzed. Look for this information, as a company that hides lab reports from consumers, or does not engage in any lab-testing at all, shouldn’t be trusted.

#2: A Company’s Reputation/Reviews

It should go without saying that you’re more likely to be satisfied with your purchase if you are buying from a CBD brand that is already known throughout the community for delivering high-quality, safe products you can FEEL. Basically, look for reviews on their website and search around the internet to hear what people are saying about them. Look at their social media presence to see what kind of content they provide and what is being said in the comments. Also, you can look at other media sources for CBD product recommendations and lists.

Remember, a company has to work hard to earn a good reputation in such a competitive industry, so if a brand is regarded as one of the top sellers of CBD products, you’re in for a quality experience.

#3: The Milligram Strength

This is the number of milligrams in the formula, either according to each piece or the total package based on the manufacturer’s wishes. The average dose of CBD in a gummy should be about 10 to 25 milligrams per piece, which is a serving. This is a great starting point for beginners, and many people maintain this amount daily because it satisfies their goals. However, higher strengths exist for those with a higher cannabinoid tolerance as well as those with more severe circumstances, and lower strengths exist for those who, for whatever reason, want a much lower amount of CBD per day than the average person.

The milligram strength amount should be clearly readable on the product’s package. This information is critical, so a company that does not disclose it should be avoided.

#4: Type of Hemp Extract They Use

You’ll want to see whether a CBD gummy contains full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate hemp extract.  

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: Contains every naturally occurring hemp compound including a legal, trace amount of THC.  
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract: Just like full spectrum but with the THC completely removed.
  • CBD Isolate Extract: Simply pure cannabidiol isolated, without any other compounds.

So, which is the best one of the three?  

Well, there is no right or wrong answer. Each are valuable, but many find that broad spectrum is preferable because it contains terpenes, which are hemp compounds that bring added properties to the product, while containing zero THC for those who choose to avoid even the exceedingly small amount in hemp.

#5: Where the Hemp Comes from

Ideally, CBD gummies should be made with hemp that is grown organically and grown in the United States. 

Meanwhile, domestic hemp is regarded as superior because the United States maintains uniquely high standards when it comes to how hemp must be grown according to federal guidelines. Therefore, domestic hemp is more likely to be clean, rich in desirable compounds and free of unwanted compounds that can be harmful to our health.

#6: Which Ingredients are in Those Gummies

When coming across a CBD gummy formula that appeals to you, make sure to read through its list of ingredients. You’ll want to make sure that you’re only going with ingredients that are safe for consumption, and obviously you will need to avoid any ingredients that you are allergic or intolerant to. Anyone who is vegan should pay close attention, since many gummies are made with gelatin, an animal byproduct, although fortunately, many companies use vegan alternatives like pectin which comes from fruit.

Generally, look for a formula that uses clean, natural ingredients, and low-glycemic sweeteners so that you can take the gummies daily without worrying about what the ingredients are doing to your body after repeated consumption.

#7: Product Transparency

It is always good to make sure that a company is transparent when they describe their gummies. You want a decent bit of information on the company’s website pertaining to how the product is formulated, how the hemp is derived, what makes their gummies unique from the competition, how to take them and so on. The more transparent a company is, the more trustworthy they are, and the more you can have an idea of what the gummies can offer to you.

#8: How the Gummies are Packaged

CBD gummies should be packaged in a way that keeps them fresh so that they can offer excellent flavor and potency for as long as possible. Check to make sure that they come in an airtight pouch or jar, and that they are resealable so that you can maintain that freshness once the product is in your possession. The package should also clearly state the serving size and instructions, along with the strength and the ingredients as is required by the FDA.

#9: Price of the Gummies

Needless to say, price is an important factor. We do not recommend opting for the lowest price you can find, because often this indicates that the company took some sort of shortcut to save themselves money, at the expense of quality. But, that doesn’t mean that the most expensive gummies are the best, either. Compare prices between different companies to get an idea of what the appropriate amount is to pay for this type of edible hemp product.

#10: The Quantity in Each Package

Some companies sell huge jars of 50 gummies, while others offer about 8 gummies in a single pouch. You know how frequently you want to restock your gummies, and how quickly you’ll go through them, so consider how much you want to buy at once carefully.

Also, make sure that you are buying milligrams of cannabidiol or associated minors, instead of hempseed oil. 

#11: Flavor Profiles

Something we love about CBD gummies is that they come in a giant array of flavors, all meant to entice our taste buds. You know what your palate prefers, so select a flavor that is the most likely to satisfy you so that each gummy hits the spot.

Find the Perfect CBD Gummies for Your Daily Needs

With hundreds of unique CBD gummy formulas on the market, choosing the best option in a personalized way is challenging to say the least. Still, there are clear indicators of quality and compatibility with your needs as can be seen above. At Sky Wellness, we offer some of the finest CBD gummies on the market, made with lab-tested broad spectrum hemp and clean ingredients while bursting with glorious flavor. 



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