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CBD Crystallization: What Is CBD Isolate?

Most likely, you’re already familiar with CBD wellness products. After all, millions of people across the globe have embraced CBD for its many supportive benefits.

However, did you know that there are different types of CBD products? Generally, there are three main categories of CBD products called full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate.

Most people are familiar with full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils. However, isolates are becoming more and more popular.

Oftentimes, these isolates come in the form of pure CBD crystals or contained in vapes. If you’d like to learn about CBD isolate and how it’s made, then continue reading below.

What Is CBD Isolate?

Put simply, CBD isolate is pure CBD extract that contains no other cannabinoids. The definition isn’t concrete, though.

Some people think that it’s pure CBD crystals and nothing else. For others, it’s just CBD without other cannabinoids—meaning that terpenes don’t count in this definition, making it a little unclear.

What is clear is that CBD isolates have no other cannabinoid besides CBD. That means no THC, CBN, CBG, and so on.

How Is CBD Isolate Different from Other CBD Products?

Both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products contain a mixture of various cannabinoids. By definition, CBD isolate is just pure CBD, and that’s it.

Full spectrum CBD products contain a mixture of all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. That means you get (a little) THC and a combination of other cannabinoids.

Broad spectrum oils, on the other hand, have no THC in them. They do contain a mixture of all the other cannabinoids, however.

Most people choose to use full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD products for the entourage effect. After all, the entourage effect theorizes that all the cannabinoids and terpenes work together for more potential supportive benefits.

Why Use CBD Isolate?

So, if full and broad spectrum products have the entourage effect, then why use CBD isolate? There are a few reasons—the first being that many people can’t have any THC in their system.

Even though full spectrum products should have a maximum of 0.3% THC, some people choose not to or can’t consume any THC. In that case, most people will turn to broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate.

However, many people choose CBD isolate because they want the raw supportive benefits of only CBD. That’s because in many studies on CBD, such as anxiety and sleep, only CBD isolate is used.

CBD isolate is also an excellent choice for people who want consistency. That’s because isolate is super easy to dose out, and is in its purist form.

Also, many people find that CBD isolates have a much subtler effect. For those who want the supportive benefits of CBD without any extra fluff, CBD isolate is an easy choice.

How Is CBD Isolate Made?


CBD isolate is made through multiple extraction steps starting with the raw hemp plant. First, hemp plants have their cannabinoid-rich oils extracted via CO2, ethanol, or another solvent.

At this stage, the CBD oil is in its crude form and needs further processing. In this crude oil are all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds.

Then this oil is put through a process called winterization. Winterization uses a solvent to remove all the excess waxes, lipids, and proteins.

Then, the CBD oil is distilled into a nearly pure extract. At this stage, the CBD oil is above 70% pure CBD, but that’s not enough.

There’s one last important step called crystallization to get the final isolate.

What Is CBD Crystallization?

To get the purest CBD possible, manufacturers need to perform a step called CBD crystallization. This is where they take the already highly pure distillate and put it together with another solvent.

This solvent and CBD distillate are heated until the two mixtures combine. Then, the temperature of the mixture is lowered significantly until the CBD “crashes out.”

Basically, CBD crystals will spontaneously crystallize (or crash) out of the mixture. However, crashing out isn’t as dramatic as it sounds, but instead, looks like you are growing CBD crystals.

As the temperature is lowered, the CBD crystals grow large. Once all the CBD crystals have formed, they’re used for CBD isolate products.

Can CBD Crash Out in Vapes?

You may have heard that some people have had CBD isolate crash out inside their vapes. Sometimes it will happen that someone looks at their CBD isolate vape cart and notices CBD crystals restructuring themselves!

The fact is, CBD isolate can indeed crystallize inside a vape cartridge. However, this isn’t a terrible sign, because the CBD inside would have to be pure to do so.

Basically, crystallization happens in vapes because the pure CBD separates from the concentrate. This usually happens when the temperature of the cartridge begins to dip.

That means that you’ll want to keep your CBD isolate vape cart at room temperature. If the CBD does crash out, then try keeping the cartridge warm until the CBD mixes back into the liquid more uniformly.

Where Can I Find CBD Crystals Near Me?

When people search for CBD isolate, they often search for CBD crystals. These are typically dry crystals that need to be “dabbed” (a kind of vaporization) or mixed with vape-compatible oils.

While there’s nothing wrong with using CBD crystals in their raw form, they usually take a bit of work to use effectively. That’s why it’s much easier and more convenient to use a CBD isolate vape that already has CBD crystals mixed inside by experts.

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