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CBD for Horses: Everything You Need to Know

By now, you’ve likely heard all about CBD. After all, CBD has become a staple in the wellness routines of millions of people worldwide.

That’s because CBD has a wide range of supportive benefits for both mental and physical ailments. However, CBD isn’t just for people but also for animals.

Most people think that this compound is just for their dogs and cats, but CBD has supportive benefits for all mammals—including horses.

Now you might be wondering—are CBD products safe to give to my horse, and are there CBD products meant specifically for horses? Find out all that and more by reading on!

Does CBD Oil Work for Horses?

Yes, and that’s because of something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Without going into too much intricate detail, the ECS helps us mammals maintain our homeostasis.

Basically, that means that the ECS keeps our systems functioning normally. If we get sick or injure ourselves, the ECS kicks in and assists in bringing us back to a normal healthy state.

The interesting part is that the ECS isn’t found only in humans but in many animals, and all mammals—horses included. So, what exactly does the ECS have to do with CBD?

Well—CBD interacts with the ECS and may help kick it into overdrive. That means that humans, as well as horses, can get supportive benefits from CBD.

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Will CBD Oil For Horses Get Them High?

CBD oil for horses | CBD pellets for horses

Since CBD comes from hemp, many people are concerned that they might get their horses high. Fear not because CBD is not psychoactive.

That means that CBD doesn’t have the brain-altering effects of compounds like THC. This is possible because there are specially-bred hemp plants that have little to no THC.

In fact, all high-quality CBD products come from hemp plants and have very little or no THC in them at all. That means that no matter if it’s a high dose or low dose, CBD won’t get your horse high. That being said, our Full Spectrum Granules for horses do have a tiny bit of THC, but always well under the legal limit of .3% by total weight. This means that your horse will not get high from our products and may actually gain additional benefits from the ratio of power-packed cannabinoids.

Is CBD Safe for My Horse?

Understandably, many horse owners are worried about the safety of CBD oil. The good news is that it seems like CBD is safe for horses.

In one study from 2021, researchers found that CBD didn’t cause any unusual behavior, stomach, or heart problems. In fact, scientists believe that CBD may cause various supportive benefits, but more research is needed.

That hasn’t stopped many horse owners from giving drops, bites, or pellets with CBD to their horses. So far, there have been no reports of adverse effects that are available to the public.

We dug through different forums across the internet, and we could only find positive reactions from people using CBD with their horses (other than reviews from owners that did not read the regulations of competition protocols restricting cannabinoids).

How Can CBD Help My Horse?

CBD for horses | CBD oil for horses with cushings

Previously, we mentioned that CBD can have supportive benefits for different types of ailments. However, what exactly are those supportive benefits?

For starters, CBD may have aid in inflammation and pain control. That’s hugely beneficial for horses because of their high rate of athletic injuries.

Not just that, but as horses get older, they often suffer from arthritis and laminitis. Many owners use CBD oil-based products to give their horses relief with joint support.

CBD may also provide supportive benefits for stress and anxiety. After all, equines ranging from retired competition horses to stabled mares often exhibit anxious behaviors!

Stress can also affect a horse by modulating its sleep. That’s why many owners have been interested in giving their equines CBD for horses.

Does CBD Oil for Horses with Cushing’s? Does CBD Provide Supportive Benefits for This Disease?

Cushing’s disease can be heartbreaking for both horses and their owners. The problem is that Cushing’s Disease is relatively common and affects 20% of horses over the age of 15.

Although Cushing’s isn’t a death sentence, it can drastically reduce the quality of life for the horse. Horses with the disease often develop inflammation and become more stressed and sluggish.

Of course, we want our beloved equines to live their lives pain-free and happy. That’s why many horse owners are turning to CBD oil for supportive care for the everyday mild symptoms of Cushing’s.

As we mentioned, CBD may have supportive benefits for some of the symptoms of Cushing’s Disease, but does not treat or cure it directly. In short, horses with the disease may live more comfortable and normal lives with CBD for support.

What’s the Best CBD Dosage for Horses?

CBD for horses | CBD oil for horses with cushings

It almost goes without saying that horses are large in comparison with people. However, that’s important to keep in mind when thinking about dosage.

While it might take a person only 10-20 milligrams to get a good dose of CBD, it can be a lot more when considering CBD for horses. The crucial thing to remember is that the amount needs to be just right—neither too much nor too little.

On average, it’s estimated that horses will need around 200 milligrams of CBD per day. Of course, that number may be higher or lower depending on the individual horse, its needs, and its weight.

Which CBD Product Is Best for Horses?

Now that you know all about CBD oil for horses, you need to know where to find the best products. Remember, not all CBD is made equally—and most is made with people in mind.

That’s why it’s best to purchase CBD products specifically made for horses, which is easy once you head on over to Sky Wellness.

Sky Wellness has a line of products crafted explicitly for horse care called EquineX. There are three incredible products to choose from—CBD Granules, CBD Muscle and Joint Rub, and CBD Horse Bites.

Sky Wellness CBD Granules are like traditional pellets for horses, but they are loaded with Full spectrum CBD. The Muscle and Joint Rub can help provide joint and inflammation support directly to the applied area. The CBD Horse Bites are for providing an extra tasty dose of CBD for supportive care equine care.

Not only are these products made specifically for horses, but they’re created with the utmost safety in mind. That’s why all EquineX CBD products are 3rd party lab-tested.

That way, you can rest assured that what you’re giving to your horse is not only safe but effective as well.

Don’t hesitate—provide supportive care to your equine by trying Sky Wellness CBD products for horses today.

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