what does CBD feel like | how does cbd make you feel

What Does CBD Feel Like?

Over the past few years, CBD wellness products have exploded in popularity. Millions of Americans are choosing to use CBD to support pain management, sleep, anxiety, and much more.

Perhaps you’re also interested in trying a CBD wellness product yourself but have reservations on the effects. One thing that isn’t often talked about is: what does CBD actually feel like?

After all, CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but does that mean it’s intoxicating? The short answer is no.

That being said, many people have different experiences with CBD. If you’d like to know what CBD can feel like and what others experience, then continue reading below.

What Does CBD Feel Like in Comparison to THC?

The first thing to know about CBD is that it isn’t intoxicating. When people think of CBD, they believe that it might make them feel high.

However, CBD oil can’t make you feel high because it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. Psychoactive compounds are those that can affect or alter the mind.

The main active ingredient in cannabis—THC—is psychoactive. However, CBD oils and edibles don’t have large quantities of THC, (Always well under half of one 1%) so there is no intoxicating effect.

That’s because CBD is harvested from hemp plants. Although hemp is a type of cannabis, it’s a special breed of the plant that has very little THC in it.

CBD products are always produced from hemp (other than some CBD products sold specifically in dispensaries), and many products are made so that there is absolutely no THC in them.

So, if CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, then how can it have supportive benefits? It turns out CBD works its magic through something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), just like every other cannabinoid.

What’s the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

what does CBD feel like | how does CBD oil make you feel

The ECS is a complex system that involves signaling between cells. Without getting too technical, the ECS helps us maintain homeostasis in our bodies.

That means that the ECS is responsible for keeping our body functioning normally. If we were to injure ourselves or get sick, the ECS kicks in and tries to bring us back to normal.

CBD and other cannabinoids can interact with the ECS to help put it into overdrive. That’s why CBD can have such a wide variety of supportive benefits, even though it’s only one compound.

All of this together means that how CBD makes you feel doesn’t depend on solely the compound itself, but also on its interaction with the ECS.

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel: Common Effects

how does CBD oil make you feel | how does cbd make you feel

One thing we need to remember is that every person is different. That means that we can all experience something different when taking CBD.

However, there is a range of effects that are commonly experienced. For example, many people report feeling calm.

Instead of feeling anxious and full of expectations, many people experience inner stillness. Others feel that CBD gives them complete (but not overwhelming) relaxation.

They feel their muscles relax, and their shoulders drop as they settle into a tranquil state. Many people feel that CBD aids their relaxation. CBD basically supports comfortability in general.

How Does CBD Make You Feel: What The Science Says

As we mentioned above, CBD works through the ECS and other systems. The question is—how does that play a role in how CBD is supposed to make you feel?

In other words, what does the science say about CBD’s effects? To answer that, we need to take a look at how CBD works in the body.

As we mentioned, CBD has its supportive benefits mostly because of its interaction with the ECS. More specifically, it’s involved with parts of the ECS that are associated with the immune system.

In a nutshell, scientists found that CBD may support inflammation relief. That means that consumers may experience anti-anxiety effects.

CBD can also interact with receptors in the brain, called TRPV1 receptors. It’s because of this interaction that scientists believe that people can experience anti-anxiety support.

What Does CBD Feel Like: Reddit’s Take

what does CBD feel like | what does CBD feel like reddit

One good first-hand source of social information is Reddit. We browsed through many subreddits such as r/CBD, r/AskReddit, and more for a general consensus.

What we found was that there was a wide range of answers, but most seemed to agree to a handful of effects. As one Redditor put it,

“You don’t get high. Your mood does get altered, in a good way, like smoothed out, but it’s subtle.”

This quote perfectly captures what seems to be the most common among people that consume CBD. They experience a subtle positive change in their mood and an improvement in the way their body felt.

Unlike medications or THC, CBD doesn’t provide an overpowering experience. Instead, CBD can feel like a smooth and refined experience that leaves one feeling different, but only slightly.

However, since Reddit is so large, there were a lot of different opinions. One of the most common experiences was also feeling focused and energetic at lower doses.

Once the doses were increased, then they felt like they had more relaxation and pain support. So, what CBD feels like for Reddit may be different from your own experience.

After all, Reddit is a collection of many different people from all around the world, so don’t be too surprised if you experience something different.

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