CBD Skincare Gifts: A Short Holiday Guide

CBD Skincare Gifts: A Short Holiday Guide

With each passing year, it always feels like it gets increasingly harder to find the perfect gift for those we love the most.  In fact, most of us know the stress that comes with holiday gift-shopping well, especially when it seems like our friends and family members already have everything and anything they could need or want.  However, we know of a few things that they might not have... 

Everyone can benefit from some high-quality skincare, and when cannabidiol (CBD) is thrown into the mix, the potential properties within each skincare formula are greatly enhanced.  Read on for our list of CBD skincare gifts that we curated specifically for the holiday season!

Why Choose CBD Skincare?

Skincare products in general always make for perfect and easy gifts, since everyone has daily skin-related needs.  CBD skincare gifts take the concept to a whole new level by infusing tried and true formulas with the many properties of the hemp plant that can be effective topically.  When it comes to skin, cannabidiol may support:

  • Sebum regulation
  • Sensitivity
  • Dryness and flakes
  • Overall appearance, tone, and texture

Sky Wellness CBD Skincare Products Make for Perfect Holiday Gifts

We have developed a line of premium-grade CBD skincare products that are as luxurious as they are advanced.  By going above and beyond to formulate these products with carefully sourced ingredients renowned for their skin-related effects, we were able to blend top-shelf hemp extracts with rejuvenating and transformative ingredients.  Our formulations include ingredients like patented apple stem cell, retinol (Vitamin A), tea tree, and more.  Each of these ingredients can deliver noticeable effects without the questionable chemicals found in so many commercial skincare formulas nowadays.  And, of course, all of our hemp is lab-tested by a third-party to ensure maximum quality.

#1: CBD Body Glow Butter 200mg + Lavender

Speaking plainly, body butter is never a bad gift idea.  Everyone can benefit from the intensive moisture that it provides to the skin, and the ultra-rich consistency makes each application feel like a smooth and silky.  Our CBD Body Glow Butter combines 200 milligrams of THC-free hemp extract with pure, naturally derived lavender to offer loads of valuable properties to the skin as well as the muscles beneath it.  The formula is extremely moisturizing, allowing plant-based oils to work together in order to restore the skin’s plumpness, texture and hydration levels.  As a gift, this body butter can provide your loved one with a spa experience in the comfort of their own home!


skincare gift set | mens skincare gift set


#2: CBD Facial Spa Oil 100mg + Tea Tree Oil

The name says it all – this high-end CBD facial oil is so luxurious that the person you give it to will feel like they’re enjoying a spa-style facial with each application.  In this formulation, CBD is joined by tea tree oil, which offers all kinds of powerful soothing properties to the skin, while Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil deliver plenty of moisture to help the skin glow.  People of all ages can enjoy the properties of these ingredients, including those who are struggling with acne.  Also, its small bottle size makes it the perfect stocking stuffer.

#3: CBD Eye Cream Triple Action Renewal 100mg + Retinol

Eye cream is one of the most overlooked components of a daily skincare routine, and that’s why it could be the perfect gift for that skincare lover in your life.  This is no ordinary eye cream, too – it’s infused with 100 milligrams of CBD and retinol, a proven anti-aging agent that can help with fine lines, dullness, and issues with texture.  At the same time, it provides tons of moisture to the thin undereye area that is prone to becoming dry, offering a plumping effect that can help keep the eye area looking awake and refreshed.  This product in particular is a great gift for mom, as retinol is very useful to women above the age of 40 in particular.

#4: CBD Regenerative Sculpting Cream 100mg + Apple Stem Cell

Even the most blasé skincare enthusiasts in your life will be impressed with this extremely advanced skincare formula that uses some of the most advanced knowledge of botanicals to provide profound benefits to the epidermis.  Infused with apple stem cells and 100mg of CBD, it relies on mother nature to transform the skin.  Apple stem cells protect the longevity and structural integrity of skin cells to make them more resilient to environmental stress, damage and aging, while CBD attaches to cannabinoid receptors throughout the layers of the skin to provide a general balancing effect in conjunction with the other active ingredients.  Our Regenerative Sculpting Cream is extremely moisturizing, while being great for those with sensitive skin at the same time.

#5: BEAUTYaF! CBD Body Butter 200mg + Vitamin E

We already talked about the benefits of CBD body butter, and why it can be the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list.  Yet another excellent body butter comes from our BEAUTYaF! line, which blends 200 milligrams of CBD with vitamin E, a restorative skincare staple that can help with all kinds of issues from dry, cracked skin to scars.  This super-thick formula combines the best ingredients available to infuse each layer of the skin with moisture, introducing a smoothing and softening effect that is noticeable shortly after applying it.

#6: WOKEaF! CBD Under Eye Awakening Cream 100mg + Collagen

If someone you know is always complaining about tired, puffy eyes, this carefully developed CBD eye cream will make their entire holiday.  It offers anti-inflammatory properties that can bring down puffiness, infusing the skin with collagen and retinol to make the eye area look brighter, more awake, and younger.  These ingredients work together to deliver an anti-aging effect, all while keeping delicate skin smooth and soft in a gentle way.

skincare gift set | mens skincare gift set


#7: CBD Skincare Routine Bundle

For that truly special someone, the Sky Wellness CBD Skincare Routine Bundle provides a complete daily skincare regimen for them to enjoy.  Each product is gentle, yet fully capable of delivering real results by blending top-notch CBD extracts with exceptional, active plant derivatives.  This comprehensive CBD skincare giftset offers:

As a side note, men’s skincare giftsets are exceptionally hard to shop for, as most of the marketplace is swamped with unnatural scents and ingredients named things like “sport breeze” or “cool ocean”. Not every skincare giftset is specific to men or women, and this is definitely one that anyone can use, regardless of gender.