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How Can Beginners Select the Right CBD Product from Sky Wellness?

At Sky Wellness, we aim to offer a rich variety of cannabidiol (CBD) formulas in all kinds of delivery methods and blends of ingredients to ensure that each person who visits our website can find exactly what they are looking for to reach their goals. We all have different needs when it comes to how consumers take hemp and what it’s being taken for, and that means that it’s important to really look over the different products that we offer to figure out which one is the most capable of addressing your individual needs. You can also take our CBD Selector Quiz

What You Need to Consider as a Newbie 

As you will see, it is simply a matter of considering a small number of factors that pertain to your goals, preferences, and needs, and pointers will ensure that even those who are completely new to the concept of CBD can end up with a regimen that promotes maximum personalized results. 

#1: Consider Your Specific Hemp-Related Goals 

The first thing that you need to do when you consider buying a new hemp product is ask yourself what it is what you want to achieve with your routine. For instance, some of us use CBD at bedtime because we find that it helps us achieve the right state for quality sleep. Others want to see if hemp can help them with a troublesome joint that seems to always be aching. And then, some of us just want to take hemp daily because we’ve heard that it provides a good deal of support to the body through the endocannabinoid system. 

Figuring out your needs will help you choose the right formula for the job. Within our line of products, we offer four distinctive formula categories 

Each one of these products is formulated with natural compounds and plant derivatives that join forces to promote a specific type of response in the body.  This can make it easier to select a product, as you can simply opt for the one that’s the most associated with your specific goal. 

#2: Select Your Delivery Method 

This is a term used to describe the type of product according to how it absorbs into the body. You may be surprised by how much the delivery method can impact your overall experience. The delivery methods below are the ones that are offered at Sky Wellness: 

  • Edibles: Come in the form of gummies and are extremely popular. CBD gummies absorb through the digestive process, traveling through the digestive tract before getting processed by the liver and released into the bloodstream. Gummies can take up to 2 hours before they are effective, but those effects can stick around for up to 8 hours, which makes CBD edibles the longest-lasting form of delivery of all. They are also absolutely delicious, while providing effects that are a bit more subtle compared to other methods, but typically felt more systemically throughout the body. 
  • Capsules: Technically, soft gel caps fall into the “edibles” category, but they behave just differently enough for them to earn their own section. They’re swallowed just like any capsules that you take daily and may activate a bit more quickly because not much is required when processing through the digestive system due to containing fewer ingredients.   
  • CBD Oils: Usually taken in a tincture form, the formula (full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD Isolate) is held below the tongue for about 20-30 seconds before it is swallowed, permitting it to efficiently absorb through the sublingual tissue. This allows the compounds to take effect within about 45 minutes, lasting for up to around 4 hours while being felt a bit more potently than the other methods above. 
  • Vapes: The fastest-acting method of all, as inhaling the compounds into the lungs promotes effects that can be felt within minutes, while also being felt the most potently out of all of the delivery methods. No matter if it’s in the form of a pre-filled cartridge, disposable vape, rechargeable vape pen, or even a bottled e-liquid or vape juice, it can offer effects that last for about an hour or two, but act as a great on-demand way to experience cannabidiol.   
  • Skincare & Topicals: Absorb through the skin, and are unique from other delivery methods in that the effects stay localized to the area of application, since the cannabinoids bind directly to local cannabinoid receptors in the tissue of the skin, muscles and joints. These products are therefore excellent for addressing target areas that are troublesome, without really experiencing any effects internally.   

#3: Be Conscious of the Milligram Strength 

CBD products come in different milligram strengths, and this number tells you how many milligrams of pure hemp extract are in the total formula. That being said, higher milligram strengths are more potent. It can be challenging to know what the ideal milligram strength will be for your needs, as many factors play a role in figuring this out, including: 

  • Body weight 
  • Tolerance to cannabinoids  
  • CBD delivery type 
  • Extent of one’s needs based on their wellness goals.

That being said, there are some basic guidelines for beginners.   

  • Tinctures - Best to start with 500 to a 1000mg strength per 30ml bottle, as this is enough to feel the effects, but not so strong that you might potentially get sleepy if you have a low tolerance.   
  • Edibles and Capsules - 20mg-25mg is a great starting point. 
  • Vapes - mg amounts in vapes is dependent on volume. So the larger the cartridge often the higher the milligram due to volume. It’s important to get an effective dose that works quicklyTypically, it’s recommended to start with around 10-15mg per inhalation.   
  • Topicals & Skincare - You can be less discerning as it comes down to the amount being applied rather than the milligram strength.  

Note: Many hemp enthusiasts adjust their milligram strength over time until they find their sweet spot. Again, we all have unique needs, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing how potent a product should be. 

#4: Read Those Ingredients 

Once establishing the type of product(s) you would like to buy, it is best to look through its ingredients. At Sky Wellness, we proudly use natural, carefully sourced ingredients that are easy on the body and fine to take over a long period of time. However, our company understand that some individuals have sensitivities to objectively harmless ingredients, and we would hate for a customer to accidentally consume an ingredient that causes some form of physical distress. We make our ingredients lists easily accessible on the website in order for consumers to easily determine whether or not a specific formula is ideal for daily use. 

#5: Be Conscious of the Cost 

We strive to keep our products as affordable as possible, but we know that everyone has their own budget. Because CBD works best when taken daily, take the cost into account before making a purchase by asking yourself whether or not you can afford taking a particular product each day. 

You Deserve a CBD Routine That Works for You! 

Sky Wellness has a formula that really could meet each individual’s need(s), and we work hard to develop new products that can satisfy a wide array of hemp enthusiasts. That being said, it is wise to really take your time when selecting a new CBD product for daily use, as each product interacts with the body in its own way to yield specific responses. And, with such an awesome selection, we are sure that you will find the ultimate CBD formula to take your routine to the next level. 



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