Holiday Presents For Dad: A Guide To The Best Gifts

Holiday Presents For Dad: A Guide To The Best Gifts

It’s that time of year again when we spend quality time with our families to celebrate the holidays.  There is no more enjoyable tradition than exchanging gifts with our loved ones, but if there’s one person in the family who’s never easy to shop for, it’s dad.  If you’re one of the many people struggling to come up with the perfect holiday gifts for dads who want nothing or gifts for dads who have everything, maybe it’s time to consider some CBD. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the legal, nonintoxicating derivative of the hemp plant that is bursting with valuable properties and loads of uses.  It’s gentle and holistic, yet a staple of so many people’s routines for a reason.  If you think your father could benefit from taking this awesome cannabinoid, then we have no doubt that he’ll truly appreciate unwrapping some CBD products this holiday season. 

What Are the Best CBD Gifts for Dads?

Sky Wellness has an awesome and diverse selection of useful CBD-infused products that make for perfect presents thanks to their premium quality, carefully sourced ingredients, and user-friendliness.

#1: CBD Max Relief Roll-On 500mg + Lidocaine

We’re certain that there’s no dad on the planet who doesn’t have some tension and stiffness that he deals with on a regular basis.  One of the best products you can give him is our CBD Max Relief Roll-On, which offers on-the-spot, targeted relief directly to the muscles and joints.  A blend of cannabidiol and lidocaine works hard to restore the deep tissue, along with additional natural ingredients like chamomile and arnica to target inflammation among other things.  This formula glides on easily, absorbs within minutes, and is conveniently travel-friendly.  It is also perfect for targeted relief for those men that need it the most. 

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#2: CBD AM/PM Bundle

Our bundles make perfect presents for dad, as they give the ability to explore a variety of CBD products to find out what each one can add to his daily or nightly routine.  Our CBD AM/PM Bundle is a generous choice as it contains 4 of our top-selling Sky Wellness formulas:

This bundle was specially developed to highlight the various positive properties associated with the hemp plant, with two formulas each for both daytime and nighttime.  This way, your dad can address a variety of daily needs to enhance his existing routine on top of getting a great night’s rest.

#3: CBD Oil & Gummy Starter Bundle

Searching for another great bundle option?  If so, look no further.  Our CBD Oil & Gummy Starter Bundle provides three top-selling products from our CBDaF! line, giving him the ability to enjoy different types of consumable hemp products throughout the day as desired.  This tasty, flavor-filled bundle offers a full range of full spectrum, cannabinoid packed Oil Drops plus pure, hemp, mixed-fruit flavored gummies designed for Dad’s ultimate chill.  It includes:

This bundle is great for any man who has been wanting to get around to experiencing CBD, but simply doesn’t know where to begin.  It offers two different product types that are both extremely popular and useful in their own way and includes a few different formulas to fit into different areas of his day-to-day routine.

#4: CBDaF! Energy Softgels 100mg 5ct + CBG + Caffeine + Taurine

If your father or the man in your life could use a little boost in the energy department, our Energy Softgel formula is the perfect gift.  It’s great for any dad who normally guzzles down coffee or energy drinks to stay focused, sharp, and motivated throughout the day.  A combination of top-quality CBD extract is paired with CBG (cannabigerol), another highly valuable, property-rich cannabinoid, along with taurine and caffeine to give that extra push when it’s most needed.  The formula is extremely clean, and it’s very gentle on the body compared to sugary beverages.  Effects can be felt for up to 8 hours, without the edginess that comes from those canned energy beverages.

#5: CBD Intensive Relief Rub 250mg + Menthol

If intensive, topical care is what dad would benefit from the most, our Intensive Relief Rub is the ultimate choice.  Our blend of high-quality broad spectrum hemp extract, arnica, and menthol sinks deep into the muscle and joint tissue within just minutes, offering its soothing properties on-demand and lasting for up to 6 hours.  This formula spreads onto the skin easily and delivers targeted servings of these natural compounds for localized effects that can really come in handy in a pinch.  Perfect for daily application, CBD Intensive Relief Rub will be extremely appreciated by any dad who puts up with physical discomfort on a regular basis.  We are also sure that he will love the invigorating scent of pure menthol.

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#6: CBDaF! Disposable Pen 200mg CBD Isolate Pineapple Express

For any dads out there who vape*, we have the perfect user-friendly and pocket-friendly disposable pen that can provides fast-acting, potent servings of CBD throughout the day.  Disposables are the perfect option because they require zero charging, refilling or assembly, and are ready to use straight out of the box.  This product is for dads who just don’t want to be bothered by vaping products that require a lot of maintenance.  The vape combines pure, clean CBD isolate with the terpene profile of the Pineapple Express strain (a legendary sativa that’s known for its happiness-inducing effects).  Free of any questionable additives, this formula has the superb quality level that dad truly deserves.

#7: CBD Daily Softgels 750mg 30ct

Last but not least, CBD Daily Softgels may be one of the best options for dads who are complete new to hemp.  Softgels offer a familiar delivery method that makes the idea of starting a CBD routine unintimidating.  They are easy to consume, portion out, and incorporate into any existing regimen.  These softgels contain 25 milligrams each of THC-free, terpene-rich, broad spectrum hemp extract, with an ultra-clean overall formula focused on purity and quality.  A capsule a day is all that dad may need to maintain a sense of enhanced balance, and it doesn’t hurt that when cannabidiol is ingested, its effects can be felt for up to 8 hours at a time.

*Recently, the USPS and other mail carriers put in place a restriction on companies shipping vape products to consumers. You can find locations near you on our Store Locator page to pick up our disposables and cartridges here. Please make sure to call the store in advance, as every store carries a different Sky Wellness assortment, and our products sell fast!

Read more about the USPS vape shipping ban here.



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