Sun, Skincare, and Our CBD Line

Sun, Skincare, and Our CBD Line

Whether you pay attention to the news or not, the world is becoming warmer.

From record-breaking heat waves worldwide to high-powered UV rays, there’s no better time than now to protect your skin. If you’re ready to give your skin the treatment it deserves — read along.

Soon, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the sun, your skin, and why our CBD-infused skincare line is the first line of defense against premature aging, wrinkles, sunburn, and more.

The Sun Isn’t Stronger — The Ozone is Thinner

Walking out into the midday heat may feel as if you’ve been transported to the Sahara.

Although it feels like the Sun is getting stronger — it’s actually that the ozone is thinner. The ozone layer is located well into the stratosphere and contains a massive amount of stored ozone molecules.

Ozone acts in an extraordinary way that protects life on Earth — it absorbs a large proportion of the Sun’s UV rays while preventing beneficial gases from escaping.

Ultimately, you can look at the ozone layer as Mother Nature’s sunblock.

Sadly, humans rapidly deplete the ozone layer with our constant use of harmful chemicals and practices. As such, the ozone layer allows more harmful radiation from the Sun — making things hotter for the planet (and your skin).

The Harmful Effects of UV Rays on Your Skin

As more UV rays pour into the Earth — your skin suffers directly. Below, we’ll discuss the direct effects that UV rays have on your skin.

Increased Wrinkles

As UV rays batter our skin — epidermal cells break down.

As epidermal cells degrade, they lose their elasticity. As skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles begin to form.

Regardless of age, wrinkles are an unwelcome sight for most. The loss of epidermal elasticity is normal in aging, but it’s a concern due to the Sun’s harmful rays.

Therefore, you need to protect those epidermal cells at all costs. The best way to reduce or prevent wrinkles is by incorporating CBD Regenerative Sculpting Cream by Sky Wellness into your daily routine.

From high-quality broad spectrum CBD to apple-derived stem cells, CBD Regenerative Sculpting Cream is the cutting edge in wrinkle prevention.

Dry Skin

From dry skin to lost luster, the Sun robs your skin of its moisture.

It’s no fun slathering lotion throughout the day. Instead, you need to find a way to lock moisture into your epidermal cells for the long run.

The best way to achieve this is by treating your skin with some of Mother Nature’s finest tools — CBD, shea butter, lavender oil, and vitamin e. If you’re wondering where to find any of these powerhouse ingredients, you only need to look at one product — BeautyAF CBD Body Butter by Sky Wellness.

BeautyAF CBD Body Butter harnesses broad spectrum CBD, lavender oil, shea butter, and vitamin e to lock moisture deep inside the epidermis, so your skin feels hydrated, soft, and lustrous for longer.

General Skin Damage

The Sun’s UV rays cause a wide array of skin-related problems.

From skin cancer to overall skin damage, you must protect your skin with tools at your disposal. Although we subject our skin to constant damage during the summer — most of us are concerned about the effects on the face.

It’s obvious why we’re concerned with the sun’s effects on our face as it’s the first thing that others see. If you’re ready to protect your face from premature aging, wrinkles, dry skin, and other harmful effects of the Sun — you need to incorporate deeply hydrating products into your daily routine.

Two products come to mind — CBD Eye Cream and CBD Facial Spa Oil from Sky Wellness.

CBD Eye Cream is the ultimate product for that hard-to-restore area under the eyes. From puffy bags to dark circles, CBD Eye Cream harnesses a star-studded cast of CBD, collagen, alfalfa extract, jojoba seed oil, and retinol.

Ultimately, CBD Eye Cream works to reduce inflammation and tighten the epidermal layer around your eyes.

As for CBD Facial Spa Oil — the name says it all. Packed with everything your skin craves, CBD Facial Spa Oil contains sunflower seed oil, vitamin e, tea tree oil, and CBD.

With so many beneficial ingredients, it’s no wonder why CBD Facial Spa Oil restores skin back to its youthful look and feel.

CBD is Your Skin’s First Line of Defense

If you want to frolic in the Sun without worrying about wrinkles and other harmful effects — you need to incorporate CBD skincare products into your daily routine.

CBD is well-known for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. From protecting epidermal cells to enhancing their elasticity — there’s nothing better than CBD.

Furthermore, CBD is more effective than retinol or vitamin e at protecting the epidermis. Therefore, it’s time to let your skin experience the CBD revolution that’s taking the skincare industry by storm.

Lastly, CBD won’t make you feel high. Instead, we use broad spectrum CBD, which contains beneficial cannabinoids without THC. Therefore, our products protect the skin while allowing you to remain focused on the fun at hand.

Enjoy Your Summer With Sky Wellness

Don’t let the Sun’s rays get you down.

Instead, it’s time to show off your skin (and tan lines) this summer. By incorporating CBD skincare products by Sky Wellness into your daily routine — you’ll enjoy hydrated and luxurious skin all summer long.

From CBD skincare bundles to individual CBD skincare products — Sky Wellness has you (and your skin) covered!